Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Piercings Collection + New Industrial / Scaffold Piercing

Hello my lovelies! I know I haven't been blogging for quite awhile now. October has been a pretty hectic month for me as me & my cousin were struggling to open the store as soon as possible. Now that it is all done and out of the way I have more time to blog.

 I wanted to do a blog post on my piercings and the newest one I got 2 days ago. So here is a picture of my right ear which I had pierced maybe 2-3 years ago. It's just a couple of cartilage piercings and some lobe piercings as well.

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Pain wise for the lobe piercings, it didn't hurt at all. There was this kinda burning feeling after you get your ears pierced. The cartilage piercings on the other hand it hurt just a tiny bit more than the lobe piercings but not that much. I'd recommend getting your cartilage piercings done with a needle instead of a gun because it is much safer and it's the correct way of getting it. Lobe piercings can be done with a piercing gun.

 The latest ear piercing I got is the Industrial or Scaffold Piercing as they call it in the UK is 2 pierced holes connected with a single piece of jewelry. Two piercings are made, one fairly close to the head (anti-helix piercing) the second further down the cartilage, on the opposite side of the ear (helix piercing). A straight barbell is inserted through the first piercing from behind the ear, travels diagonally across the front of the upper cartilage, then goes through the second piercing, and is secured with a screw-on bead behind the second hole.

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Pain wise getting a industrial piercing hurt more than getting a cartilage piercing. Especially when they pierce on the anti-helix or the piercing that is nearest to your head. If you want an industrial piercing I'd recomnend getting it on a licensed piercier. They will pierce your ear using a piercing needle and insert the barbel or jewelry after.

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After care and healing can be a bitch on this type of piercing as it is near the hair and bacteria can build up easily and cause an infection. The piercing can also get tangled with your hair as well. Healing time on industrial piercing differs with each person, it can take between 3 months to a year for it to heal. You just have to be patient with it and keep it clean. I would recommend cleaning it 2 times a day. First in the morning then in the evening with warm water and a teaspoon of rock salt. You must wash your hands first before touching your ear. Turn the earring as you clean it to get all the dirt out. Once done with cleaning just leave it alone to heal.

Hope you'd found this post helpful if you're planning to get a piercing. Industrial/Scaffold piercing is one of the coolest piercing you can get :)

 xo Grace