Wednesday, October 2, 2013

HAUL: ASOS Leather Scallop Edge Shopper Bag

Hello again my lovelies!

It has been awhile. I haven't posted in forever in this blog. Just was not feeling it at that time. Sorry! 

But any how I'm back ... And hopefully it's for good. But the reason for this post is that I want to share with you guys my recent online purchase from ASOS ( I have been stalking their leather scallop edge shopper for awhile now courtesy of STYLESUZI from Youtube (one of my favorite beauty gurus), she showed this bag on her youtube video of What's in my bag (Winter Edition). 


I have not made a go at the purchase as it was on regular price ... GBP75.00 ... which is Php5,250.88 in my currency or $121.48 in US Dollars. Finally it is on their 30% off A/W's Sale, yay! Current price for the bag with the sale is GBP52.50. I love the scallop detailing of the bag. It gives the bag a girly edge and you can wear it casually or at the office. It comes with a sling as well which is a plus for me. The tan color is perfect for autumn and it matches with pretty much everything, also I think this kind of color will age pretty well. I have heard good reviews online on the quality of the bag which is excellent.


If you guys don't know ASOS has promo codes you can use for additional discounts you just have to search for it online. The working promo code for October 2013 I used for an additional 20% off is 7AC343420170. It works on sale items. *happy dance* So now the bag is at GBP42.00 (Php2,940.50). Got an extra GBP 10.50 off. For a real leather bag it's a bargain. Just wanted to share with you girlies this as early as possible so that if you want to purchase the bag you can get the same price I did. 😉


Also the leather scallop edge shopper comes with 2 additional colors as well ... a dark greenish-blue colored one and in black. I don't think the greenish-blue one is available for sale anymore and the black shopper is on the regular price of GBP 75.00. But if you guys want to purchase the shopper in black go ahead you can still get 20% off from the regular price using the promo code I shared above. 


Btw ASOS provides free shipping (international countries included). So you don't have to pay for shipping. Hoorah! Anyways i hoped you liked this brief post. Will share with you guys what I think of the bag once it gets here. They said the ETA of the bag is 16 days after the purchase. So I'll be receiving the bag on or before October 16. Hopefully it arrives on time *excited*.

Here's the link for the shopper bag in tan ( and for the shopper bag in black ( if you want to purchase it.

Till next time!

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